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  • By Nino Dafonte

Trust as a requirement

These days, after some years of improvement with lean, agile, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming and so on, you can find tons of blog posts talking about “the best of Scrum”, “why Scrum doesn’t work”, “how to do …”, well, you name it. In my experience, after quite a few companies and teams, I came to a point where you have to realise what are you talking about. You can think about reorganizing your department, your team, and the way you plan or execute, … that’s great but did you see a pattern behind all these movements?

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  • By Steven Wallace

Perfection Challenge

"It has to be perfect, I won't accept anything less". "It can't have any mistakes". "It should have 0 bugs". Searching for perfection can be dangerous. Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Have you ever said any of them?

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