Some resources to share, hopefully to help you somehow as well.


Some tools that we have created for ourselves and after a while found useful and interesting to share with the bigger audience

Play Management 3.0 delegation poker even if you don't have the physical cards and help your team to find the right level of autonomy

Online meetings might be boring and formal, why not adding some funny visual signals to create a good atmosphere for the discussion?

Follow this guide to improve your One on Ones. Use this template to prepare and enjoy the experience of a doing the right thing right

Mural Template to practice Delegation Poker and Board of Management 3.0

Mural Template to practise the Team Competency Matrix tool of Management 3.0

Mural Template to practise Meddlers tool of Management 3.0

Follow this guide to move from Fire-fighting to Long Term solutions applying "Shifting the burden" Archetype of Systems Thinking

Mural Template to practise with one of the well-known tool of Systems Thinking, the "Shifting the burden" Archetype

video interviews

Here you will be able to learn from the experiences of other colleagues who are achieving great results in their organizations and teams.

If you are thirsty for more, you can visit our Youtube channel, iVoox podcast or Apple podcast for the previous ones.

conferences and events

Here we share our experiences collaborating with companies and other interesting topics we are passionate about.

some other experiments

We also work on other iniciatives, testing our hypothesis and reducing our own biases if possible.

What an agile coach does? Our hypothesis is that a series of videos about that would be pretty interesting to understand better the role... What do you think?

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