We have gained a reputation for working in an honest and transparent way ensuring that there is fluid communication at all times.

After our first session together, facilitating a common vision for 70+ people.

Time to celebrate with the family, the ones who bear with us in our busy times...

Running in Amsterdam after the first day in the LeSS Conference 2016.

Roadtrip to Murcia for a training session. 5 hours in a small space together...

We've many years of experience working in Agile, and we love it.
It provides a framework to develop, grow, and improve the teams and products.

Steven Wallace

Agile Coach
I'm a problem-solver. I enjoy tackling organizational improvements; implementing Agile in non-software areas; coaching individuals and teams; and helping companies reach their goals.

Manu López

Agile Coach
Day after day, I have seen that a team's performance is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why I am passionate about team work.

Dani Terrín

Agile Coach
My goal is helping people, teams and organizations find this “common sense" by sharing what I have learnt and accompany them, while I keep learning and improving along the way.

Nino Dafonte

Agile Coach
Help people around the world to succeed, exposing my learning and creating spaces for discussion where I can continue my own improvement path.

We know the basis for helping companies evolve is respecting people, working with passion,
authenticity, staying humble and teamwork.