• By Manu López

What is a high performance Team?

Before starting to define what a High Performance Team is, I would like to explain what a team is. In my point of view, it can be defined as a small number of people working together to accomplish the same purpose.

Every team is unique and if you belong to the team you should know that yours is the best. Teams are inherently complex and each has to work within its own unique culture, distinctions and context. It should be formed between 3 and 9 people, multi-disciplined, self-managed, working interdependently and using common work processes.

In addition, a Team has specific goals, a high level of commitment with shared values and high team spirit. The tasks are distributed by skills and depending on the capacity, the members of the team share their knowledge and are interdependent to guarantee the results. Also they share leadership depending on every situation, the conclusions are drawn from the collective character and the performance is measured across the whole team.

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A High Performance Team share and exude a special mixture of joy and passion with their mission and a large degree of self confidence. The members will be able to confront the other team members if their performance is less than expected and they have the ability to respect and tolerate the culture of every member. The communication flows with transparency and clearly. The team’s performance is greater than the sum of its parts. You can feel that the High Performance Team is like a perfect family that possess trust as a requirement.

Is your team a High Performance Team?

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