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    Introducing Drive To Improve
    Drive To Improve is an Agile boutique consultancy,
    collaborating with companies to achieve sustainable
    organizational improvements focusing
    on creating real business value.
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    How do we achieve real business value?
    Developing team performance and achieving
    effective leadership to improve business value

    We believe in pragmatic solutions because
    every company is unique and not one-solution-fits-all.
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    Why Drive To Improve?
    We know the basis for helping companies evolve is
    respecting people, working with passion,
    authenticity, staying humble and teamwork.


We help create high performance teams and effective leaders who can produce tangible benefits for people and organizations that aim to:

  • Get their products or services to the market faster
  • Provide better customer service
  • Have more satisfied employees
  • Improve the quality of products and services
  • Enhance creativity and innovation


We do in-house training on several methodologies and ways of working, processes and techniques:

  • Scrum and Lean/Kanban Training
  • Coaching Teams Workshops (Team lifecycle, changing limiting beliefs...)
  • Agile techniques and workshops (Retrospectives, User Story Mapping...)
  • Technical and Engineering Training (BDD, TDD, Continuous integration, ...)


We accompany the organization in becoming more Agile in order to:

  • Facilitate collaboration and value the people
  • Maximize the integration and transfer of knowledge
  • Adopt gradually the cultural changes for embracing Agile
  • Continue growing and providing value that makes a difference in the market

We want to improve and be more effective. Each of us have been in various companies, in various positions and we've seen what doesn't work. We want to share what does work. We want to help improve the individuals, the teams and the organization. This creates happy customers for the companies we work with.

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