• Transformation

IKEA, the transformation of the blue box.

A tale of an Agile transformation in a very successful 900 people e-commerce company. They tried to move to Agile previously, there was turnover in the CTO position during some years, too much legacy code, slow release process and part of the developers were external contractors. Those who contracted us have just changed companies. What would you do?


In a joint effort with the HR department, Drive To Improve acted as a component in the cultural and organizational transformation of IKEA at the national level. We worked with teams to create an environment where they can apply agile techniques and Lean Startup concepts to increase success in projects with a high level of uncertainty.


  • Integrate experimentation in order to learn and adapt to needs more quickly, in addition to reducing waste and uncertainty, in various initiatives or projects that often involve a lot of effort.
  • Creation and support of multifunctional working groups that are formed by coworkers from various departments and from different hierarchical levels that allowed IKEA to develop projects in a more efficient and collaborative way, in order to work initiatives, projects and improvement actions with an agile framework of work
  • Apply the SCRUM framework to the Human Resources team that carried out recruitment and selection at the national level.
  • Support in the leadership training program, specifically in the agile management training module, with the purpose of implementing agile practices in the daily operations of managers and coordinators.


  • Support for cultural change involving more than 6000 people
  • Reduce time to market for new initiatives and projects
  • Improve teamwork and increase business value delivery
  • Reduce uncertainty in project development
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction (coworkers)

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