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Scaling Up in an Artificial Intelligence based video analytics software company

The case study of an organization operating in the field of AI-based video analysis software, which was seeking a more efficient adaptation to business and organizational growth. This was done with the aim of maintaining quality and ensuring predictability in the delivery of new product versions.


A company dedicated to Video Analysis Software using Artificial Intelligence, consisting of over 50 employees, had its operations center located in the United States, while the Software Development and Artificial Intelligence teams were based in Barcelona. These teams, together, comprised approximately 25 individuals, including the CTO, engineering directors, head of product, product owners, software engineers, and machine learning engineers.

The initial context was:

  • Failure to meet release dates and a lack of predictability in version content.
  • Frequent inability to complete tasks within a 2-week timeframe.
  • Excessive burden of responsibility on team leaders.
  • Lack of continuous improvement.
  • Complications in the production deployment process.

Their improvement aspiration aimed to increase efficiency, ensure product quality, enhance predictability in deliveries, and adapt to the planned growth of both the business and the organization.



  • Evaluation of the current situation through a systemic approach, identifying both areas requiring improvement and key factors facilitating the sustainable implementation of these improvements.
  • A new organizational design co-created in collaboration with the management team and managers, aiming to enhance effectiveness, quality, predictability, and adaptability to the organization’s planned growth.
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities in line with the new organizational structure.
  • Definition and implementation of collaboration and interaction between teams based on the Team Topologies model.
  • Day-to-day support for the Software Development and Artificial Intelligence teams to increase their speed, predictability, transparency, and delivery quality.
  • Assistance to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and mentoring for engineering managers to support the new leadership culture and enhance their skills.
  • Active involvement in the hiring process.
  • Facilitation of kickoff meetings for new projects (Inceptions Decks) to align expectations and ensure shared understanding of the project to be developed.
  • Utilization of data to estimate release delivery.


  • Achieving a 20% reduction in Lead Time resulted in an improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Minimizing conflicts arising from role responsibilities, ensuring clarity in task descriptions, roles, and expectations, led to greater harmony within the team and more effective management of interactions among members.
  • Promoting stronger collaboration between the Product and Software Development teams resulted in increased efficiency in product conception and solution implementation, translating into a more positive working synergy.
  • Optimizing the distribution of cognitive load within teams ensured that tasks and responsibilities were allocated fairly and efficiently, preventing overburdening of any team member and promoting a balanced and productive work environment.


Over the past year, Drive To Improve a dynamic and forward-thinking organization that has been an invaluable partner in helping us transform our business through new ways of working, organizational development, mentoring, and hiring strategies.

DTI has been instrumental in guiding our company through a significant evolution in the way we approach our projects and operations. Their expertise in new ways of working has enabled us to become more adaptable, efficient, and responsive to the rapidly changing market demands. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous approach to the development and implementation of agile frameworks that align perfectly with our specific needs.

DTI has also played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of continuous improvement within our organization. Their mentoring have empowered our team members to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their respective roles. As a result, our employees have become more engaged, self-reliant, and collaborative, contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

In addition to their expertise, DTI offers a level of customer service that is second to none. Their team is always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and adapt their strategies to our changing requirements. This responsiveness and commitment to our success make them a trusted partner we can rely on.”

Ariel Amato, Ph. D (CTO)

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